16 September 2017 | Freediving video

Freediving is probably the most exhilarating way to experience the underwater world. Also known as skin-diving and breath-hold diving, it is a form of underwater diving that requires the diver to hold their breath until they come back to the surface, just like the marine mammals. I learned to freedive (officially) in November, 2016, at a freediving school in Tulamben, Bali, where the famous USAT Liberty wreck is located. I went back to the wreck recently to shoot some video. You can watch my somewhat narcissistic video of freediving at https://youtu.be/EO_POqcaFnA.

9 September 2017 | A magnificent trip

My month long trip ended last night. I couldn’t cross the Indonesian border to enter Papua New Guinea due to visa complications. So I traveled to Raja Ampat instead. Raja Ampat is part of the Coral Triangle which contains the richest marine biodiversity on earth. After a week of extraordinary snorkeling and diving in Raja Ampat I went to visit Mount Bromo in East Java. It is an active volcano that sits amidst the Sea of Sand. Next, I went to Tulamben in East Bali to freedive at the USAT Liberty Wreck. I brought back photos and videos of some truly spectacular landscapes, coral reefs and animals. Follow the links below to view the photos.

Raja Ampat
Mount Bromo & Ijen
Freediving in Raja Ampat and Tulamben

21 July 2017 | Wildlife field trip at Lawachhara

I recently went to Lawachhara National Park to attend a wildlife conservation workshop/field trip arranged by Creative Conservation Alliance. I learned a great deal about the indigenous fauna of Lawachhara thanks to Caeser, Scott, Dr. Reza, Dr. Q. Hasan, Dr. Samia and Tania apa. It was a wonderful experience. http://javedhossain.com/lawachara/.

19 June 2017 | Message Encryptor

Long time ago I made a simple text encryptor/decryptor that converted any text message into a series of dots and colons and the other way around. I used it to mess with people on the internet. Only a few friends of mine could read my messages. The encryptor can be found at http://javedhossain.com/encryptor.html. To encrypt/decrypt a message paste the message in the textarea and click the Convert button.

15 June 2017 | Broken Promises

I never had much luck with learning music. I have tried my hand at playing several instruments but it all ended with varying degrees of disappointment. Ten years ago, in 2007, inspired by one of the soundtracks from Silent Hill 2, I recorded my first fingerstyle guitar playing with a borrowed guitar and a crappy microphone. Later, I mixed in some beats and waves with a software to make it listenable. If you are interested, you can download the file from here.

3 June 2017 | Wandering in Kothi

A few weeks ago I traveled to Himachal Pradesh in India. I stayed in a quiet little Himalayan village named Kothi. Every day I would go into the forest, wander aimlessly by the mountain stream, listen to the birds, watch the leaves flutter, play with bugs until I was struck by the sheer oddity of existence. Here is a video of my wandering https://youtu.be/T92Zw7DCIBk.

26 May 2017 | Night Dive

On November 25, 2016, I had the opportunity to do a night dive at a World War 2 shipwreck (USAT Liberty) in eastern Bali. Liberty wreck is a very popular dive site and is often crowded with scuba divers and freedivers. It was a very rewarding dive despite the crowd. I was able to record parts of the 45 minute long dive. You can watch the video at https://youtu.be/O-BksACsIlw